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Copper mine of Thadakhani awaiting excavation

A copper mine based in Raghuganga rural Municipality-6, Thadakhani village of Myagdi is awaiting excavation. The copper mine located in the Rumale cliff was brought into operation before 1971 BS.

It was later shut with the restriction imposed by the then Rana government. No effort has been ever made since then to resume the operation of the copper mine. Locals said the mine was closed down at the oral directive of the Rana ruler.

“The Rana regime verbally ordered to ban its operation in the pretext of inability of tax payment at the then moment”, locals added. The mine had not come into operation even after the political change that abolished the Rana regime.

Resumption of the mine is expected to benefit the state to draw revenue amounting to millions of rupees and also generate employment opportunities for locals.

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