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Ministry formulating poverty alleviation plan

Minister for Land management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation, Sashi Shrestha has said that the Ministry was working on a plan for poverty alleviation.

Talking to journalists here today, she said so far the Ministry has only formal pogrammes on poverty alleviation and nothing else, and now it would start real works on poverty alleviation by devising a plan. “Nothing has been done on the poverty alleviation front except formal programmes.

Now we are making plan on this,” Minister Shrestha said, adding that the Ministry officials were busy preparing the action plan on poverty alleviation. On a different note, the Minister for Land Management said the landless squatters problem would be resolved as per the constitution.

“The people should get to exercise the constitutionally-guaranteed rights,” she stressed. Stating that the landless squatter problem was there since long, Minister Shrestha said the land would be managed for the landless squatters. She said the Ministry would own up the positive works carried out by the previous Landless Squatters Problem Resolution Commission and carry out works in favour of the people.

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