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KATHAPUTALI : The puppet


Paru Timilsina

Who doesn’t want to sit down and watch a great movie?

This winter, I was craving to watch a good movie to warm my heart, but this movie set my heart on fire. It felt like somebody had knocked my soul beautifully. I am really excited to express my experience while being part of the Premiere of Kathaputali.

Firstly, a huge congratulation to the entire team for winning “BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM and INDIE PICKS” which is so rightfully deserving. Yesterday night when I watched the movie, my head was banging too hard seeing masterfully disturbing insanity. I was like what’s going in this film.

For sure, this movie is pure gold, so just watch it and open the box of surprises. As the movie is officially releasing this Friday (today) so grab your ticket and watch the history of our land that can perfectly thrill your six senses. Until you don’t watch you wouldn’t find what you are missing and it can’t be expressed in words. So, The only thing I can say is that movies like this are the reason people love to watch movies.


Kathaputali (The puppet)

Kathaputali is a historical, mysterious, crime-based, thriller movie crafted with religious dogma and witchcraft. The film is produced by Prithvi Rana Magar, directed by a Veemsen Lama, and written by Sampada Malla.

Thriller in itself is a comprehensive area that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. But, at its core, the genre is all about suspense: Creating, maintaining, and finally releasing it. That sense of unknown and subsequent discovery is what makes the genre so richly rewarding.

It’s an absolute masterpiece. A nearly flawless piece of writing, directing, and acting that comes together in a story with no easy answers and an ending that will leave you shaken.


Well, talking about my situation in the movie is what’s seems more difficult to express. Inside the movie theater, I was with Gita Khatri on my right side and Anamika Lamichhane the (wife of the prince) and Bhishma Joshî (Royal Sipahi) on my left side. I must say Anamika and I was screaming loud enough to break the glass like in opera.


Kathaputali is an excellent thriller with many scenes that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end as it consists of multidimensional characters. One can’t deny the doubtful appeal of the scene that leaves you chilling, disturbing while portraying evil of deception.


This movie has pinned such a sensitive issue as ” sexual assault”. In cases of real sexual assault, women frequently fail to come forward promptly and little to no evidence is available. This movie ring the curtain up on our society that tells women to treat their bodies as disposable commodities which is a shame, because doing so only rewards men with a sick mentality. This movie has mind-killing tendencies of masculinity.


No one knows how hard I am stopping myself from being a spoiler this is the excitement that the movie gives us’ wouldn’t be revealing any suspense of the movie as it’s too mind-blowing and a next-level experience to watch. I request you all to watch this movie and make it a blockbuster.


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