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सोमबार, असोज १५,२०८०

For nothing you did

When his weary eyes
knotted in my chest
I asked him
what you are up to.
With a little confusion
he said
hmm, what …!?
and you?

I said
Right now
I am dealing
with feelings
and offering you
my whole life
You can take my life
as a prisoner
or lover
For nothing you did

At that moment
He laughed
in a cheesy way saying
You are spontaneous
You urge me
But sky is naked
without clouds
Girl without shyness
Like window
without curtains

I felt crazy
but not speechless
your philosophy
is quite cold
I thought eyes are naked
without colors
Body without soul
you got melancholic tune
of dead world

Yet, I am good painter
I have painted
Dark night till
Sunshine to feel
I don’t encroach
I purposed a deal

He said
“you have compelling thoughts
what makes you powerful?
Do you believe in God?”

I really don’t believe
Something with fear
But God believed me
So you are still here

I am an artist
I told you
I believe
in positivity
I see art
I feel art

Each p(art)  of me is art
He(art) of me is art
You are my creation

He without art is naked
I am an abstract
I got nothing to follow

Every day I st(art) with art
M(art) for my art
You may be thinking

I am sm(art)
And it’s my art

I am an artist
And I am giving you

my whole life
As a prisoner
or lover
For nothing you did

क्याटेगोरी : English, मनोरञ्जन/साहित्य
ट्याग : #literature, #PARU TIMILSINA, #poetry

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