Techie IT
मंगलबार, कात्तिक २,२०७८

Why ain’t I got nothing to throw?

Intelligence kills human

just by making

them stronger

its sugar,


you can have

sweetest thing

before dying

Feel rich to have it

and money

Money is just

a waste of paper

Yet, you wont even regret

throwing for

something you like

As god throws us

with random trauma

to make smile

more valuable



your smile

actually kills me

beautifully as a  butterwort

why ain’t  I got nothing

to throw?

then 32 bones

that’s sharper

enough to hunt

my mood

just by seeing you




क्याटेगोरी : मनोरञ्जन/साहित्य, समाचार
ट्याग : #\, #PARU TIMILSINA, #Why aren't I got nothing to throw

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